July 21

MV Cedric


Joined in the Royal Docks, London on the last day of May 1967 with my friend and previous shipmate Chris Watkins. On the way out to Auckland we painted out the rec room and converted it into a crew bar which proved very popular with the local girls once we arrived.

Unfortunately there were a couple of unsavoury crew members who we got involved in fights with whilst in NZ. Visited good ports, are there any bad ports in New Zealand, including Auckland twice and by and large it was a good trip apart from the trouble.

Paid of in Liverpool on 07-09-1967 and headed home via a night in London.


No 1 record in the UK charts was The Last Waltz by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Ports Visited: Willemstad, Panama Canal, Auckland, Lyttelton, Nelson, Auckland, Napier, Panama Canal, Willemstad, Liverpool.



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  1. I like your website. I sailed on the Cedric around that time. It is all a bit vague now, I was a junior engineer first trip, but I do remember most of the other engineers names.
    I wonder if I was on your voyage. What was your position then?


    Derick Wilkie

    1. Hi Derick. I was an AB at the time and the main event that sticks in my mind was converting the crew recreation room into a crew bar. Painted the walls 1960s weird colours and built a bar. It was a real hit on the Kiwi coast and very popular with the local lovelies.

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