July 21

MV Norwich Service


The Norwich Service was a ‘Cathedral’ class design based on the Offshore Marine ‘Weather’ class design and built after Offshore Marine were taken over by Zapata. As I lived near Norwich and had supported Norwich City FC all my life I felt rather pleased to serve on this vessel. Only two tours out of Great Yarmouth between 12-01-84 and 30-04-84.

Can’t recall my time on this ship and what charter we were on.


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  1. Hi Bruce just been looking at your website and reliving many happy memories. I did several trips on the Norwich Service. For your info she was a Cathedral Class vessel. The hull was based on the weather class but all machinery was completely different. I loved the old girl. Cheers Brian.

    1. Hi Brian. Thanks for visiting and adding your comment, I didn’t mention that it was a ‘Cathedral” class but I did mention that it was a ‘Weather’ class design, my bad composition. As for the machinery I didn’t know anyway. Thanks again and I will now amend the post.

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