MV Oil Osprey

Joined in Singapore 30-11-00 where we were chartered laying supports under a new gas pipeline into Singapore from the South China Sea. As the bottom in the Singapore Strait was uneven the pipeline was suspended in places between ridges so the ROV would lay a bag under the pipe and fill it with cement for support.

Easy enough work when everything was working but we had lots of mechanical problems and by the end of the charter we returned to Singapore with two thrusters and one main engine not working.

The ROV supervisor and team leader was Stewart Wakeley who lived in Phuket and he persuaded me and my wife to move from Batam to Phuket where we lived for twelve years. Stewart became a good friend and we were forever thankful that he introduced us to Phuket.

I visited a friend who was Captain on this ship, then called the West Osprey, in Aberdeen several years before, and she was much more advanced than the ships that Offshore Marine were building at the time.

Left the ship layed up in Batam 16-01-01.

MV Ostertor | Captain Bruce Walls - March 6, 2016

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