MV TNT Leopard

The TNT Panther made its way up to Aberdeen and Montrose after finishing its charter in Great Yarmouth. As I wanted to be in Great Yarmouth I was transferred to the TNT. Leopard.

Mostly working out of Great Yarmouth, but other ports as well. Name later changed to Toisa Leopard.

I completed twenty tours as the TNT leopard and seven as the Toisa Leopard between 06-05-87 and 05-01-91 and only spending one week on another ship, Toisa Lynx, during that time.

Apart from the occasional visit across to Holland for cargo or a visit to dry dock in Immingham all the time was spent based in Great Yarmouth.

MV Toisa Leopard | Captain Bruce Walls - December 20, 2015

[…] called the TNT Leopard, I completed twenty five trips on the two versions, mostly in Great Yarmouth but also Aberdeen and […]

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