MV Toisa Cougar

Joined the Toisa Cougar on 09-09-1998 in Macae after leaving the Toisa Conqueror the day before. Can’t remember the circumstances as to why but spent thirty days onboard before being relieved at sea and getting a helicopter ashore from the Campos. Basically employed as a tug keeping tankers away from the SPM. Not a nice job as the seas offshore Brazil are quite rough and the ship is constantly stern on to the sea while keeping the tanker under tension. Had my leave then rejoined the Toisa Conqueror in Aracaju.

After I left Sealion Shipping and over a year later I spent a week on the Toisa Cougar in Piraeus, Greece between 6-9-00 and 13-9-00 preparing it for coming out of layup and starting a new charter with east European crew. Stayed in a hotel at nights along with a Sealion Shipping C/Eng before returning to the UK.

MV Ostertor | Captain Bruce Walls - March 13, 2016

[…] Decided to spend time in the UK with my wife and set about share trading for an income. Did okay for a while but was difficult to make a full time income. After six months off I joined the Toisa Cougar. […]

John Perry - March 15, 2016

I was on both Cougar and Conqueror, July 98 to July 99.

Did a tow job, rig PA9, from up near Fortaleza to Aracaju, never towed before!!!

I think we must have relieved each other on several ocaisions.

They made me redundant when the Cougar’s contract finished and after a week at home wanted me to standby the Crest in Aberdeen for a week

I tended to join one and then transfer to the other, then leave.

The C/E on the Conq were D.Gott, R.Saunby and on the Cougar John? Moore and J.Pullen with second eng M.Murphy and A. Herrington.

The only coastal voyage was from Natal( where I joined)-Paranagua-Off shore -Fortaleza. That was my last trip at sea.

Went on to teach at South Shields Marine School for 13 years.

    Bruce - March 18, 2016

    Hi John. Thanks for commenting. I’m sure we relieved each other but memory is hazy right now. I did visit the Cougar in Piraeus some time later to bring her out of layup.

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