July 21

MV Lundy Shore


Joined the Lundy Shore at the Montrose Oil Field on my birthday, 16-07-79 and completed 8 tours before leaving on 05-01-81. Working out of Aberdeen the whole time and not too sure which other ports we visited.

Spent a lot of time on standby as the emergency anchor handler in the Brent area so had plenty of time to play bridge (card game) every evening with Eddie Dean the C/Eng, Mark Johansson the 3/Eng and the cook.

This was the third ‘Weather’ class ship that I sailed on after the Forties Shore and Cromarty Shore.

Having a young daughter and another baby on the way I wanted to be closer to home. Offshore Marine had recently been taken over by Zapata Marine and an opportunity came along to join the Venture Service in Great Yarmouth. I jumped at the chance and a week after leaving the Lundy Shore in Aberdeen I joined my new ship in Great Yarmouth.

Lundy Shore


Lundy Shore, offshore marine, zapata marine

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  1. hope this reaches you in fine form
    i have just picked up a model boat of the lundy shore from a friend of mine which needs a total rebuild i am some parts missing but using the web i have found yourself i was wondering if you having any more photos of the ship

    thanks Jack

    1. Hi. Only the ones on this site. Lundy, Fastnet, Forties and Cromarty were all the same so more photos to choose from.

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