MV Lundy Shore

Joined the Lundy Shore at the Montrose Oil Field on my birthday, 16-07-79 and completed 8 tours before leaving on 05-01-81. Working out of Aberdeen the whole time and not too sure which other ports we visited.

Spent a lot of time on standby as the emergency anchor handler in the Brent area so had plenty of time to play bridge (card game) every evening with Eddie Dean the C/Eng, Mark Johansson the 3/Eng and the cook.

This was the third ‘Weather’ class ship that I sailed on after the Forties Shore and Cromarty Shore.

Having a young daughter and another baby on the way I wanted to be closer to home. Offshore Marine had recently been taken over by Zapata Marine and an opportunity came along to join the Venture Service in Great Yarmouth. I jumped at the chance and a week after leaving the Lundy Shore in Aberdeen I joined my new ship in Great Yarmouth.

Lundy Shore

jack begg - May 5, 2017

hope this reaches you in fine form
i have just picked up a model boat of the lundy shore from a friend of mine which needs a total rebuild i am some parts missing but using the web i have found yourself i was wondering if you having any more photos of the ship

thanks Jack

    Bruce - June 3, 2017

    Hi. Only the ones on this site. Lundy, Fastnet, Forties and Cromarty were all the same so more photos to choose from.

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