July 21

MV Nercha


Managed by BUE Marine from Leith and operating in the Caspian Sea out of the Baku area. I completed three trips between October 2002 and April 2004.

Living in Phuket I would fly via Bangkok to Heathrow, sometimes passing over Baku, Azerbaijan, then a few hours transit before flying from Heathrow to Baku. The beauty of this was on the way home via Heathrow I would be able to spend time in the UK without any traveling expenses before completed the journey back to Phuket.

With an Azerbaijan crew, including a captain, who were nothing short of thieving incompetents and a Polish C/Eng, this was not a great ship for socialising or memories. BUE and BP, the charterers, instigated so much H&S paperwork it was hard to get any real work done.


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