July 21

MV Ostertor


Joined in Singapore two days before the last Christmas of the 20th century, transferring from the Master Tide. Phil Shimmin, an ex Offshore Marine C/Eng, joined around the same time. We loaded cargo for offshore Bangladesh and were at sea New Year’s Eve wondering what might go wrong with the equipment when the century changed at midnight. Of course nothing did so we had another drink to celebrate.

Supposed to be a quick round trip delivering the cargo we were kept on location for over four weeks running out of all food and consumables. Had to beg and borrow from the support barge and rig and arrived back in Singapore almost seven weeks after we left. Left in Singapore 11-02-00.

Decided to spend time in the UK with my wife and set about share trading for an income. Did okay for a while but was difficult to make a full time income. After six months off I joined the Toisa Cougar.

The Ostertor and Oil Osprey (ex West Osprey) were a step up in quality when they were first built and working in the North Sea years before but still pleasure to work on.



Ostertor, tidewater marine

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