MV Seabulk Hercules

The last ship that I sailed on happened to be the worst one that I sailed on. Only stayed for a week as this ship was old, terrible accommodation, dangerous and faulty control system and bad management company.

Couldn’t believe how desperate some people might be for a job and the ship’s managers exploited this with the way they treated the crew and the conditions that were offered them. The second mate’s wife was seriously ill with cancer yet despite having served onboard for several months Secor (Seabulk Offshore Dubai Inc?) would not let him leave unless he paid his own fare back to India.

There was talk of a charter coming up in East Malaysia so I handed in my notice as there was no way I was going to work on this ship. Whilst shifting berths in Singapore the engines had a mind of there own and I had to use the emergency stop button.

Featured image is that of the MV Pro Shield as the Seabulk Hercules was later renamed to.

Adrian - March 5, 2017

Hi , thanks for the information, I’m just interested in the vessel as one of the lads that was murdered and thrown overboard in 1999 was a dear best friend,

    Bruce - April 19, 2017

    Yes, I heard about that.

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